A Car Nation?

Have you ever visited an American suburb? If so you’ve probably noticed the almost never empty driveways in front of the obligatory garages. Even for middle-class families, it’s common that everybody gets their own car. (At least in the small towns around Chicago.)

Not only the low car and gas prices (compared to Europe) but also the infrastructure make buying a car a worthwhile investment.
Due to wide-spread towns and missing public transportation, shopping, visiting friends, reaching the train station or going to school is significantly easier with a car.
Taking the young driving age into account America seems to be more of a car nation than Europe.
The minimum driving age is 16 years, in some states even 14! At first, this can be surprising for Europeans.
Being a big fan of cars and driving I favor the US laws and see them as helpful.
Recent studies also show that drivers who started to learn driving at a young age are less often involved in an accident.

And these are some interesting facts and differences between the US and Germany:

diesel-powered cars cars with manual transmission gas price per liter
USA <5% 7,8% 1,017 Euro
Germany 48% 58,1% 1,479 Euro

Laszlo Györy