Gymnasium München/Moosach introduces the program InGym for newly arrived teenagers in 2023/2024

Since the school year 2023/2024, there are InGym courses at three locations in Munich (see the different sites in the Bayern Atlas):

The three schools are coordinating the admission procedures together. Registration and admission exams take place at only one of the three schools before the students are divided up according to age and if possible proximity to their “Stammschule”. In 2024/2025, it is the Gymnasium München/Moosach that has the overall control.


  • reaching level B1 of German as a foreign language
  • introduction to German society and culture
  • familiarization with the Bavarian school system and preparation for future integration into regular Stammschule classes

Target group:

Students with a mother tongue other than German who have insufficient knowledge of German to follow regular lessons and

  • who are generally between 11 and 15 years old:
    • junior course: 11-13 years of age (born 01-10-11 or later), exceptions may be made for students of Year 5 in the second semester
    • senior course: 13-15 years of age (born 30-09-11 or earlier), 16 years in exceptional cases
  • who have moved to Germany only recently (6-12 months prior to start of course),
  • who are planning to stay in Germany (residence permit).
  • are going to attend classes 6, 7, 8 or 9 after the InGym course (year 10 possible in exceptional cases).
  • who visited a school of secondary education in their country of origin.
  • who are highly motivated.
  • who have successfully passed the entrance exam in Maths and English (see below).

Please note that students need a Gymnasium near their place of residence to return to after successful participation in the InGym programme at the beginning of the InGym course.


  • Phase I: One semester at the project school
  • Phase II: One semester as a guest student at the Stammschule close to where you live

Further information:

  • group size: 18 students max.
  • schedule:
    • 20 hours / week: German as a foreign language
    • 4 hours / week (each): Maths, English
    • 1 – 2 hours / week (each): Geography, History, Social Studies, Physics etc.
    • 1 – 2 hours / week: Art, Music, PE
    • field trips: Munich and surroundings
    • intermittent attendance of lessons in regular classes

Entrance / placement exam:

  • English (45 min)
  • Mathematics (45 min)
  • no pre-knowledge of German needed
  • the requirements are based on the Bavarian curriculum of the corresponding school years

Please note that the exams cannot be retaken.


Upcoming test date: September 5, 2024, from 8.30 to 1 pm

Registration deadline July 5, 2024!

Upon registration, please hand in:

  • child´s birth certificate
  • copy of your child´s passport
  • confirmation of enrolment at Stammschule (Gymnasium near place of residence) ->PDF
  • last report card
  • written documentation of vaccination against measles
  • printed registration form „Anmeldung zum InGym“ (see below)  -> PDF

Please refrain from registering in person at our secretariat, as we are currently unable to cope with the large number of inquiries on site. Please send the required registration documents exclusively by email ( or by post (Gymnasium München/Moosach, Gerastraße 6, 80993 Munich). We will reply to you promptly.

Anmeldeformular InGym -> PDF

Anmeldeformular Stammschule ->PDF